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  1. Timo

    Declined Shoutbox restrictions

    The shoutbox really isn‘t an issue. It‘s mostly some graveyard which lights up once in a while, the rest is being moved to Quality services such as ~~Skype~~ Discord. For such small things it‘s not worth making an effort to implement any restrictions to it. Furthermore we take ourselves the...
  2. Timo

    Australium Professional Killstreak Grenade Launcher giveaway

    Hey Skye, We do not tolerate self promoting and sharking for other‘s accounts. Closing
  3. Timo

    My TF2 is satan...

    Looks like Vinny is doing some nice TF2 corruptions Anyway Steam‘s file verification is your friend
  4. Timo

    Declined RasaPootis's Admin Application

    Hello! The info provided to us does not indicate a good fit to our admin team, taken from the chatlogs: https://tfstats.tf/player/68729 The Steamrep ban: https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/report-76561198389635058-none-no-items.185976/ and the application which consists of plenty of...
  5. Timo

    Late but its still fine...right?

    Welcome to Blackwonder! Please note that we do not take any responsibility for your mental well-being in case of furries entering Jailbreak with you.
  6. Timo

    I'm Sorry, But Really Sorry This Time.

    Apologizing means nothing if you don't change what you are apologizing for in the first place.
  7. Timo

    What do you do during your free time or when you are bored?

    Animating, drawing, moderating, watching People lose Their virginity in jailbreak, oh and Video Games.
  8. Timo

    Any free decent video editor for recommendation?

    Davinci resolve
  9. Timo

    Declined Herotroll's Admin Application

    In fact, we have servers where friendlies are not allowed. Since people seemed to be bothered by it. Of course they can just leave them be, but there's nothing to complain about if players want to play the game that way, since it's intended to be played like that. Now to not drift off the...
  10. Timo

    Declined Herotroll's Admin Application

    Killing people in FPS games isn't nice, who would have thought? As far as i am concerned we have no "friendlies only" rule in place, so if you go around banning people for killing friendlies in shooter games, then that's not really something one wants to be responsible for. As for the updated...
  11. Timo

    Answered Blackwonder's existence

    28th of september 2015
  12. Timo

    Declined Ban appeal

    luckily, we have that covered. Banana peel declined
  13. Timo

    Hey there, thanks for reading my introduction

    Welcome welcome! There‘s quite a few servers to discover. Enjoy your stay.
  14. Timo

    Hello, doing my yearly visit

    Welcome back to the show. our todays' specials are: jailbreak. enjoy your stay
  15. Timo

    Declined SCP mod in TF2 community server

    It has about as many players in game as flight simulator steam edition. i would not consider it that popular or relevant anymore.
  16. Timo

    Declined SCP mod in TF2 community server

    theres a couple of thousand of players still in game of the rather recent release on steam, along with an okay-ish youtuber lets play amount. Slender has an SCP map as well as bosses. Barely anymore. Though making our own SCP would hardly be worth it as i don't see how it could gain more...
  17. Timo

    Resolved Report against Ass pancakes | | | | | blw.tf

    Yup, that was indeed me who wasnt really paying attention and only used the server to hop to another, which apparently isn't even a working feature in there. I'm very sorry for any inconveniences caused, but can assure you there was no malicious intent to harm the fun of the players or the flow...
  18. Timo

    Declined Josh's Administrator Application

    Something tells me this is more of a report against yourself than an admin application.
  19. Timo

    I'm getting my first PC

    I wouldn't really rely on a single SSD to carry all of your stuff. That might go out badly after some time. Perhaps just use a 250 SSD for your OS and another Hard drive to store your data on. AMD is generally to be careful with as they might not be suited for gaming, and have potential to...
  20. Timo

    Answered A Server using the "Blackwonder" tag

    Bene is aware of this. A bunch of servers do that actually. Not sure whats to be done/ if theres something to do at all.