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  1. AgentPiman

    What is your favorite element in the Periodic Table.

    Potassium is pretty bananas. K? K.
  2. AgentPiman

    What is your favorite item in your backpack?

    sulph stove pipe aka pipe jesus hat :D
  3. AgentPiman

    Blackwonder is shit!

    DAB ON THEM HATERS also if you want to trade but don't want to be killed, stay in spawn or do some courses, not whine about it
  4. AgentPiman

    TF2 Weapon in Real Life?

    All spy weapons that exist except the kunai and BE, I don't need lost health also I need a peg leg with those, a wooden shield, and the EYELANDER cuz who doesn't want an awesome sword that steals your enemy's souls!?
  5. AgentPiman

    Resolved Report against Driver717

    Who are you Reporting? Driver717 What is the accused persons SteamID? STEAM_0:0:219489903 What rules has the reported player broken? micspam Upload any proof you have here! Provide any links to proof here!
  6. AgentPiman

    Favorite Demoman Playstyle/Loadout

    demoknights have magnets on them that attract my pipes I use iron sticks of stockness
  7. AgentPiman

    First class you ever choose in the game

    The Furtive Frenchman!
  8. AgentPiman

    Pending Problem with a contract

    I believe that the enemy needs to be rocket jumping. If that doesn't work, then surf rockets fired from the enemy (market gardener crits when you surf a rocket so it should be a blast jump).
  9. AgentPiman

    Most Underrated Unusual Effects?

    nice silver cyclone, it's not like you said a professional killstreak effect's name or anything
  10. AgentPiman

    Most Underrated Unusual Effects?

    unusual effects
  11. AgentPiman

    Your favorite Game?

    Squad Citadel II
  12. AgentPiman

    Most Underrated Unusual Effects?

    eerie orbiting fire, neutron star (it's not bad at all), and sulphurous because it's AWESOME :D
  13. AgentPiman

    Axtinguisher or Powerjack

    powerjack. axtinguisher is best scrapped or trashed
  14. AgentPiman

    What was your first unusual?

    Steaming Cadaver's Cranium that I bought from Fish Mann. Now I own the best demo hat in existence that'll never be in anyone's hands but mine. and b4nny and whoever owns the third sulphurous scotsman's stove pipe
  15. AgentPiman

    Favourite Spy Knife? [Poll]

    big earner is my favorite, although I have a really "cool" spycicle
  16. AgentPiman

    Declined Davidtornado's Mute Appeal

    that's why
  17. AgentPiman

    how 2 b gud at bhopping

    bhopping feeds my direct hit so I suggest you don't do it near anyone with a direct hit or you will be turned to fecal matter
  18. AgentPiman

    do unusuals make people good??

    unusuals turn you into a super saiyan so you carry all the teams you've ever been on, hence the particle effects
  19. AgentPiman

    Hi ALL!

    scout mains ftw!? Welcome!
  20. AgentPiman

    Ask a Sniper Main Anything [AMA]

    PFFT it's better to step down and stay down