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  1. Jim

    Accepted laneybaney#6095's Ban appeal

    Since it's been a while I'll remove the ban with the understanding that you will behave and think before you act from now on.
  2. Jim

    Declined spacedude997's Team Ban appeal

  3. Jim

    Declined ❥HolyWater❥'s Ban appeal

    STEAM_0:1:29615696 Banned by @Kerknor for a day for "trolling with sprays."
  4. Jim


    Your airpods blow up so now you're deaf. I wish the average IQ of a person who plays JB is above 12
  5. Jim

    Bully admins

    Demo or it didn't happen
  6. Jim

    Accepted Banned For no mic

    Use the link @normie posted above for future appeals. For this one, use your mic to any admin on the servers and they can remove the teamban.
  7. Jim

    Declined spacedude997's Team Ban appeal

    You only have a few days left and tried to pretend like you didn't know what happened originally and in your last appeal. Finish waiting it out.
  8. Jim

    Resolved Spawn killer in UberUpgrade

    I'll punish him this time but decline future reports if you don't use the report template you were directed to.
  9. Jim

    Pending Herotroll's Admin Application

    A little over an hour of playtime in the past month doesn't show enough dedication for me to consider you. Also your age decreased by several years since your last app.
  10. Jim

    Could we maybe get an !Ignore command?

    Poll added.
  11. Jim

    Declined Report against Greesly

    No evidence that it's his spray nor is it suggestive enough to be prohibited on the servers.
  12. Jim

    Resolved Report against Press F to pay respect

    Banned. Thanks for the report.
  13. Jim

    Read Me 86 Keys!

  14. Jim

    Read Me 86 Keys!

    Sure but you can't restart it just because I don't die.
  15. Jim

    Read Me 86 Keys!

    https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=221659595&token=JZ1eVeBD is in fact a very real trade url as is everyone elses; please fix the form.
  16. Jim

    Read Me 86 Keys!

    How are you picking who wins? Is there some lottery that we'll be able to see?
  17. Jim

    Donator rank

    You receive credits periodically while connected in amounts reflective of players connected I believe. I'm not as familiar with the specifics as I once was but @Benedevil would be able to share how much you should be getting.
  18. Jim

    Finished Christmas hunger games giveaway

  19. Jim

    New JB Plugin Update Problem(s)

    They never should have anyway, this is how it was before the new plugin. Is smol problemo
  20. Jim

    Opinion on this "Community"

    I think we should unban pootis gaben!!!