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  1. TehSoldierPig

    Remove "Smite" RTD effect in Deathrun.

    Maybe some of RTD effects should be removed.
  2. TehSoldierPig

    Remove "Smite" RTD effect in Deathrun.

    This effect is so annoying in the deathrun map, why? Here are many reasons why the "Smite" effect sucks: Activator dies mid-round (or near the finish) using RTD and annoys the RED team. It is very annoying for the two teams when the last living RED person uses RTD to finish the map and...
  3. TehSoldierPig

    Accepted Add dr_bazinga_remake

    Dr_bazinga_remake upgraded version of normal bazinga, not my map. Map creator got permission from original bazinga creator to make this map. There is so much improvements trust me. And I love the map. Link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/213305
  4. TehSoldierPig

    Completed Add dr_junglemines

    this is not my map, but a friend's map called Alexrox360 and is really awesome. The map was Donkey Kong 64 map and I had a lot of fun when I did the playtest. The map has some special obstacles, plus a few special endings. I recommend adding the map, you can check the map from gamebanana for...
  5. TehSoldierPig

    Completed Add Add "dr_nostalgia_roblox_a3" suggestion

    The vote its finished..
  6. TehSoldierPig

    Completed Add Add "dr_nostalgia_roblox_a3" suggestion

    User name: TehSoldierPig Which map is the suggestion about? Add "dr_nostalgia_roblox_a3" What is supposed to happen to the map? Add Add a link to the map https://gamebanana.com/maps/211015 Why do you want this map change? Like I said in my first post, I worked on a map. its done now...
  7. TehSoldierPig

    The upcoming deathrun map I working on...

    Hello, I had introduced myself before and said I was working on a map, this map will end soon (maybe this week). There are still a few problems on the map, but I am very close to the fix. here is the one hour playtest video we made on another server: NOTE: this playtest also contains a little...
  8. TehSoldierPig

    Answered This is possible to be "Developer" or "Mapper" instead "Moderator" in "Staff Applications"

    Its possible to be Developer or Mapper and get the "Developer" or "Mapper" tag in-game? if yes, what its requirements to be Developer/Mapper and what commands gives me when I be Developer/Mapper? (such as force map change).
  9. TehSoldierPig

    Sup, It's me "TehSoldierPig"

    Hi, I am TehSoldierPig , I've been playing on Blackwonder servers for 4 (or more) years and I've never been banned. I usually make maps for TF2 and I'm currently working on a Deathrun map. When I finish it, I would love to share it with the Blackwonder server. there is currently a Saxton Hale...
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