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  1. Sir Dragon

    Resolved Report against kamelfarida4|frendly hoovy (BlackWonder UK | Highertower | x100 Weapons)

    Username: Sir Dragon Who are you reporting? kamelfarida4|frendly hoovy What server game mode is the report concerned with? BlackWonder UK | Highertower | x100 Weapons What is the accused persons's SteamID? [U:1:1087592981] What is the reason of the report? Constantly using lenny...
  2. Sir Dragon

    Baguette's fine introduction

    Oudi, bienvenue , hewwo, partner. Where could I even get started; ah, alright. So you may have seem me for quite a while on the discord server, you might say that's now that I finally introduce myself. Well, you're right, but you better be late than not even introducing yourself, so here I am...
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