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  1. Sir Dragon

    Report against kamelfarida4|frendly hoovy (BlackWonder UK | Highertower | x100 Weapons)

    Username: Sir Dragon Who are you reporting? kamelfarida4|frendly hoovy What server game mode is the report concerned with? BlackWonder UK | Highertower | x100 Weapons What is the accused persons's SteamID? [U:1:1087592981] What is the reason of the report? Constantly using lenny...
  2. Sir Dragon

    Spontaneous Photography

    Here are some pics from last year's summer.
  3. Sir Dragon

    Herzog gaming

  4. Sir Dragon

    Closed Huh

    I'm gonna miss the two toned real hands man, best regards Mister.
  5. Sir Dragon

    Show us your desktop!

  6. Sir Dragon

    Baguette's fine introduction

    Oudi, bienvenue , hewwo, partner. Where could I even get started; ah, alright. So you may have seem me for quite a while on the discord server, you might say that's now that I finally introduce myself. Well, you're right, but you better be late than not even introducing yourself, so here I am...
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