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  1. Peter

    Answered regarding markers

    Warden should specify if reds should go to it. However, if reds do go to it and they are killed, it would be freekill as marker tricking isn't allowed.
  2. Peter

    Just lost over 1 billion credits due to negative coins..

    What exactly were you doing with coinflip and trading that made you go 1.8 billion credits into debt may I ask?
  3. Peter

    Accepted Mr.Wizard's Moderator Application

    Welcome to the team Wizard, congrats! :D
  4. Peter

    Accepted Shades's Moderator Application

    Congrats and welcome Shades! :D
  5. Peter

    Accepted ender's Moderator Application

    Welcome to the team, congrats! :D
  6. Peter

    Where is Alex.bsp's Alex.vmf file? I want to turn him into Alexa.bsp 😎

    he uses anti decompile methods iirc
  7. Peter

    Increase airblast cost for VSH.

    Nerfing pyros airblast would make it so they are useless on most maps aside from sky-high. Also, if hale having his rage extended is the problem, why nerf the red team, that would just make it easier for the hale? Raging will always be a good counter to a pyro (especially when paired with an...
  8. Peter

    Declined Quadeca's Mute appeal

    @10000 Cold Knights
  9. Peter

    Spontaneous Photography

    I mean you don't need quality to take a good looking photo. It just helps make it look better and more professional.
  10. Peter


    not my hotdogs ;-; Welcome to the forums.
  11. Peter


    Welcome to the forums Alex :)
  12. Peter

    Resolved Report against Razan (US JB)

    Player has been punished.
  13. Peter

    Answered RPS on VSH

    As long as they aren't just sat there using the rps taunt the whole round then it's fine.
  14. Peter

    hi im new

    welcome welcome, hotdogs are very cool
  15. Peter

    Spontaneous Photography

    look at this photo of kirito i took
  16. Peter

    Declined tylerbowkett2's Moderator Application

    One of these is a lie.
  17. Peter

    Resolved Report against KENNEDY (US JB)

    Already teambanned for mass freekill, but thanks anyway.
  18. Peter

    Pending Enable red airblast (Jailbreak)

    As of the time of posting, both Blus and Reds can airblast projectiles but cannot push players. I see why this is a problem for Blus as many guards used it to constantly bait and freekill reds pushing them away while they are baiting, pushing them into minigames (sometimes to their deaths)...
  19. Peter

    hi, im new here

    Welcome to the forums, I'm Bri ish and eat crumpets.
  20. Peter

    Declined bp35's Moderator Application

    You have multiple punishments but most of them are from early 2018 so it's good to see that you're improving in that aspect but you do have multiple vote teambans on your record from last year. This doesn't look great after being permanently teambanned back in 2018 for mfk also. You have the...
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