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  1. rusopin

    Resolved Issues in Blackwonder BR Deathrun

    Update: It's already fixed! While playing, server rebooted automatically! Now it's normal.
  2. rusopin

    Resolved Issues in Blackwonder BR Deathrun

    Yesterday and today had happened strange things. First of all, dr_playstation_final. The map starts at 70% percent, some doors dissapeared. We beat zurg (which sometimes left the map while fighting him, but we managed to defeat him somehow). After that, starts Jhonny minigame. In the labyrinth...
  3. rusopin

    Completed Increase Deathrun round timer

    Even doing a speedrun + bhopping + giving freerun thanks to blu, is not enough. Seems like Neonoir and some other maps need more minutes to finish it (I think a pair of minutes or 4 more minutes are ok). So, I agree with this.
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