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  1. acringeykid

    Resolved trading bot only has keys

    the trading bot only has keys and each is like 450k coins and like maybe the owner should scrap a few of the keys so we can buy metal
  2. acringeykid

    Trade bot keeps declining my offers

    before any one goes to the comments and says anything read this, I AM NOT A F2P THE TRADE ISNT ON HOLD AND I AM USEING THE CREDITS NOT THE POINTS somany people have told me the same thing like 50 times i send it any offer and it declines i have 10k in coins and every time it declines it
  3. acringeykid

    Resolved ok whats with the trading bot

    so it before would just deni my trades but now it just dosent respond and i will say this now i am not a F2P and i have mobile authenticator and i have the corret amount of points
  4. acringeykid

    Resolved trade bot

    the trade bot has nothing in stock pls re stock
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