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  1. Pablo The Wizard

    Leaving BlackWonder permanently

    Hello! Yes, it’s me again but this time it’s goodbye forever. I have recently been ungagged by Bene, (fuck if I know why) and I feel like I’m gonna fuck it up again anyway. I have found myself a new community to settle in where I’ve made a lot of new friends. I may come on the servers when I’m...
  2. Pablo The Wizard

    ToDo Punishment Appeals

    So I think we have a problem regarding Punishment Appeals. There are simply to many people, non-admins in fact that post on them. I’m not saying all those posts are bad, rather some of them are useful, but as I see it there’s 3 options. 1. Only admins can post and reply on Punishment Appeals 2...
  3. Pablo The Wizard

    4 reasons why you shouldn’t update your iPhone to 11.0.1

    (1) The toolbar now looks like shit: (2) All apps in the taskbar loses name text (Yes I know i have a lot of emails i never read them) (3) When you rapidly click the “Off” button five times this appears: (4) App Store, contacts, calculator and maps now looks like shit: More reasons
  4. Pablo The Wizard

    Declined Enable "Replay" on jb

    I think we should enable the Standard TF2 Replay action, if you're on jb, someone massfreekills and leaves. Nobody was recording a demo. With a replay it records from the beginning of the round. Which you then can use to report. Requesting to close this after talking with @Benedevil
  5. Pablo The Wizard

    Declined Activity needed to apply for admin

    I think we should increase the activity needed to apply for admin, since most of our applicants applies as soon as they see the button appear. Its wasting time for admins when they gotta read through 3 applications a day which some of them I could screenshot in one picture on my iPhone..... And...
  6. Pablo The Wizard

    Completed Another change to forums....

    1) Change the text to:
  7. Pablo The Wizard

    Completed Minor changes to the forums

    1) Make it so it says Admin Applications (Is Admin Application) Make it say Appeal a Punishment (Is Punishment Appeal) Not sure if it's supposed to be Forms but if it isn't then yeah..... 2) Remove MOBAs in the Games section, nobody ever posts there...
  8. Pablo The Wizard

    Resolved Report against markvb, braclet

    Who are you Reporting? markvb, braclet What is the accused persons SteamID? [U:1:238670558] What rules has the reported player broken? Ghosting me and others the entire round Upload any proof you have here! Provide any links to proof here! (Currently Uploading I had to go so Ill post it...
  9. Pablo The Wizard

    Report against Timo

    What is the accused persons name: Timo What rules has the person broken: Dis should be in nerdtalk cuz he is a nerd!!!!!!! Proof: Plz no hate cuz he is admin i am very small child
  10. Pablo The Wizard

    Answered Good suggestions that never gets added

    There's a lot of great (imo) suggestions which hasn't had replies for months nor has gotten any info on if/when they will be added. Have they been forgotten? Drax's suggestion about teambanning new players. Last response May 17 Ben289's suggestion about removing announcements when admins give...
  11. Pablo The Wizard

    Resolved Report against Scarlet

    Who are you Reporting? Scarlet What is the accused persons SteamID? STEAM_0:0:56824424 What rules has the reported player broken? Asking if a guard has a mic slaying upon no response Upload any proof you have here! Provide any links to proof here!
  12. Pablo The Wizard

    Declined Pablo The Wizard's Gag Appeal

    What was your type of punishment? Gag What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:63863520 Who has punished you? Will Why were you punished? Spamming in offensive language claiming it was Wills fault I uboxed the same things over and over Why should we revoke your punishment? Im way...
  13. Pablo The Wizard

    Answered Who wrote the rules for Jailbreak?

    Theres some misspellings and grammatical errors in the rules
  14. Pablo The Wizard

    Answered What's the longest punishment some has received (Not Perma)

    So yeah I'm just curious don't ask me why. What's the longest punishment that has been handed out to someone? The longest I know of is a 2 months silence that I received. I realize now that this should probably be in off topic so if an admin would like to do so then you have my permission.
  15. Pablo The Wizard

    Declined Warden being able to turn crits on/off

    So I've been holding in on this idea for quite a while now but since we've had this discussion so many times I figured why not suggest it. Why can't the warden enable and disable crits? It would make life a lot easier if it's f.e war day and we could even unban some minigames like Gladiator or...
  16. Pablo The Wizard

    Declined Remove respawn on Deathrun

    As @DasMalzbier| Lazy Panda said, he thinks it should be removed. I have very little experience with Deathrun but I know Malz does so I'm gonna take credit for his idea. Remove respawn time
  17. Pablo The Wizard

    Declined Increase Deathrun respawn time

    Currently the respawn time is like 5 seconds (For donors) I think we should increase it to 10-20 seconds for donors and 5-10 seconds for default members because not a lot happens in 5 seconds. (Please correct me if I'm wrong about the current time)
  18. Pablo The Wizard

    Completed Add this to Server Updates maybe?

    https://blackwonder.tf/threads/can-you-see-teambans.6584/ To let it be known to everyone who hasn't seen it yet
  19. Pablo The Wizard

    Finished BlackWonder Staff Giveaway Scrap.tf

    https://scrap.tf/raffles/D2C9TD Password is in the discord admin chat @Surny @Ramy @Ben289 @Benedevil @Timo @Lucas @Buster @Copyright @Wanka @will5023 @Viking34 @Tomato Kat ☆ @2010wolf | Blw.tf @RainbowRob @Pkay | Noob.tf @GRXD [ ᴄʜ ] @Fish-Related Crimes @Suicide @Mother Russia ☭ @Jim @my name...
  20. Pablo The Wizard

    Completed Remove showing !calladmin announcement

    If I'm, let's say trying to get an admin on a server which a hacker is on, when it says "Pablo The Wizard has reported Jim for haxing" its pretty much guaranteed that the hacker will either turn off the hacks or leave, I suggest we make it so it's not visable for others. (I don't know if this is...