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  1. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    Handy Medic Bind For JailBreak Hunger Games

    Hi, so i found a cool medic bind which essentially is a radar. It shows you where everyone is on your team within a small distance. I find it handy for avoiding suprise attacks. Essentially, it changes your medic auto callout for a few seconds to show where your teammates are by showing a small...
  2. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    Accepted Admin Application from Silorak

    Congrats on admin!
  3. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    What are some irrational fears that you have?

    I have a fear of fear D:
  4. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    If you could bring something back to TF2. What would it be?

    The old Ambassador (before the nerf). I really miss it :(
  5. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    Answered Just a quick question about jailbreak

    I've been wondering for a while, if "Simon Says" counts as a minigame. Are you allowed to do a quick simon says game and then do meatgrinder? Reason why i'm wondering: i sometimes do this, to get a quick game of meatgrinder in, however i want to know for sure. Thanks!
  6. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    Declined Admin Application from MattTheCat Blw.tf

    ok, thanks for checking if i had done anything wrong :3
  7. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    Declined Admin Application from MattTheCat Blw.tf

    Personal Information Name Matt Your Age 13 Location Sydney, Australia Your SteamID STEAM_1:0:192214964 Server Information Have you managed servers previously? Yes If Yes, which ones? I managed an old minecraft server, run by a few of my friends. I think it was called "Hycraft". I also...
  8. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    About me

    Thank you everyone :3
  9. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    About me

  10. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    About me

    Hi, i'm Matt! I've been playing Blackwonder Jailbreak for quite a few months now, with donor. I never got around to making one so here we go! Basic introduction First thing first, i LOVE cats. I have two ragdoll cats irl, Fufu and Mittens. If you want to see them, look at my youtube channel...
  11. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    How to be a good guard

    Nice guide, thanks.
  12. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    [TF2] How to be Freindly

    Wear the chicken kiev and some other stupid hat to make a derp loadout (potassium bonnet, max's head, etc)
  13. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    how 2 b gud at bhopping

    btw for people with mouses that have more buttons, bind those buttons to +jump
  14. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    how 2 b gud at bhopping

    Helped a lot, thanks
  15. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    Invalid Report Against Cal (Donor Abuse)

    sorry for bad quality of the video So, about a minute before i saved this replay i slayed Cal for sticky trapping. He then kicked me. I do not know why he did this and say it is donor abuse. I would like his donor to be removed, as he kicked me from the server for NO valid reason. info about...
  16. MattTheCat Blw.tf

    First class you ever choose in the game

    First class i played, was scout. I used him so much, i thought it would be the only class i would ever use... Now i main Medic.