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  1. ~Wolf!

    Resolved Breaking Vents etc | Jailbreak

    I've been killed over 3 times now by breaking armoury roofs by BLU team members. Normally that would be a freekill since you can break the vents etc, but cannot enter the armoury itself. Is this also the case on this server since I couldn't find any information about it in the rule list. ~Thank...
  2. ~Wolf!

    Resolved Teamkilling BLU | Jailbreak

    I see Wardens killing Rulebreakers a lot (12+) I thoughd this was forbidden sine you can't activate FF randomly according to the rules. So that's my question, is it allowed to kill BLU members who break the rules?
  3. ~Wolf!

    Declined ~Wolf!'s Ban Appeal

    What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:35842942 Who has banned you? Miyumikimouse Why were you banned? This whole mess started with me using the !uw command when I got randomly selected as warden. The admin warned that I had to use a microphone on BLU what is in the rules, I explain that I was...
  4. ~Wolf!

    Resolved Bonk Atomic Punch | Stop That Tank

    I've seen some matches where a Robot Scout was deploying a bomb under the effect of Bonk. Carrying the bomb with Bonk is one thing but deploying seems a bit unfair if you ask me? Is it possible to remove the Bonk effect while Deploying?
  5. ~Wolf!

    Completed Removal MILLSTONE_EVENT | Stop That Tank!

    Hiya~ Wolf here, I want to suggest removing the map Millstone event on the Stop That Tank gamemode. The Map looks gorgeous but with all the random events in the map going on would be to much to play this gamemode normally. I never seen a match won by the defending team so far because either the...
  6. ~Wolf!

    Completed Removing Freekill Plug-in | Jailbreak

    The Plug-in is old and actually bans players who are playing the gamemode without breaking any rules. I for one have been banned today by the Plug-in, seen 2 other being banned as well. I can make a guess on how the plugin works but please correct me if I'm wrong. The Plug-in starts to see the...
  7. ~Wolf!

    Resolved Question about Friends/teams

    I always wondered if there was a option to stay in the team with your friends, with the new Casual gamemode running in TF2 they kinda fixed the issue where your friends will be autobalanced. If there was a way to have some sort of system which allows you to stay with your friends would be...
  8. ~Wolf!

    Declined Adding Bots | Stop that tank

    This is going to be a difficult suggestion since I don't know if this will work properly. If it would, than this would be wonderfull for this gamemode! I beleive that "Stop that Tank" is a gamemode fun to play with a big group of people. Sadly, this can't always be achieved since the server has...
  9. ~Wolf!

    Declined Tidy Rule List | Jailbreak

    Alright this might sound a bit silly to suggest but I have to... The rule page on the forums are really calm and nice to read. The headlines are adressed in bold and the text has the same colour and letter fond which is really nice to read trough which is a good thing! But here comes the silly...
  10. ~Wolf!

    Completed Removing some small cosmetics | Stop that Tank

    The BLU team (robots) have some odd clipping with some items, I've seen some cosmetics being removed from BLU to prevent clipping so I thoughd that this might be a good idea too! It's about the Canteens from MvM and Spellbook. The items equipped from that slot happens to clip trough your body...
  11. ~Wolf!

    Declined The Overrule rule | Jailbreak

    One big thing I find lacking in the Jailbreak gamemode would be the Overrule rule as we used to call it. (puns) This will support players with common sense and stop favoring players who never been to Jailbreak before. If the Warden tells you rules like holding out your sapper in the beginning...
  12. ~Wolf!

    Declined Distracting Colour Models on Red | Jailreak

    Whoo~ 100th suggestion on BlackWonder! I suggest removing the option to recolour yourself on Jailbreak. (Your actual model) It has to be very clear on who is BLU or RED, people cannot make mistakes and shoot the wrong person. Please comment below what your opinion is about this suggestion...
  13. ~Wolf!

    Completed Enable Halloween mode | Mario Kart

    The Mario Kart server does not have Halloween mode enabled. I think a lot of players are friendly in Mario Kart and come on the server to just play around instead of "just killing players" It's kinda odd that all the other servers has Halloween enabled but not Mario Kart. Please comment below...
  14. ~Wolf!

    Declined Dead Players off Microphone/chat | Jailbreak

    Dead players who scream trough orders or players who still try to play the game but dead players are ghosting/giving information. Dead players chat/microphone use is not importand to the game anymore and should not interrupt the game. I suggest that Admins will still be able to see the dead chat...
  15. ~Wolf!

    Declined Warden able to kill Freedays.

    Freedays are not allowed to go into the Armoury or activate Minigames. but now there is nothing we can do to prevent this from happening/punish the ones who break this rule. I suggest that the Warden would be able to kill freedays if he has to. Please comment below what your opinion is about...
  16. ~Wolf!

    Completed Remove disguise options for BLU spies.

    It's not allowed to disguise in Jailbreak and we all do know why, since it's tricking the players on RED. It's not allowed to do it so it's maybe for the best to just simply remove it. Please comment below what your opinion is about this suggestion, thank you.
  17. ~Wolf!

    Declined Warden Model Removal Jailbreak

    Warden Model clips trough the model and it looks simply stupid. The flying weapons above the Wardens head is just irritating especially for players who have the oculus rift view enabled. (black screen) I suggest removing and make it clear on who is the Warden. Please comment on what your...
  18. ~Wolf!

    BlackWonder Drawings/Sketches Thread

    Hello and welcome on BlackWonder's Drawings/Sketches thread where you can upload drawing/sketches you made to share with the community! Don't be shy to upload your Artwork and show the community how creative you are~ There are a few rules to make this thread nice and tidy~ -Please upload your...
  19. ~Wolf!

    ~Wolf! introduction

    Hello everyone, my name is Wolf and I am new on BlackWonder I am 25 years old and my hobbies are Drawing and Game Dev/Art. My favorite Gamemodes are Jailbreak, Freak Fortress and Tower Defence! I used to live in the UK but I moved out to the Netherlands. Hope to see you around in the servers...