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Server Rules

General rules

  • Don't be offensive towards any users.
  • Don't spam the chat or voice communication.
  • English only when using voice communication.
  • Refrain from spraying inappropriate/offensive sprays.
  • Squeaky kids should desist from using voice communication, please keep it to chat.
  • No hacking/exploiting maps.
  • No hacking in general.

Jailbreak rules

Deathrun rules

  • Do not ghost (Giving players information about traps which lets the player pass it.)
  • Don't delay the game, certain maps don't have Anti-AFK methods so don't exploit them.
  • Don't fake a freerun

VSH rules

  • No camping as Hale or a regular player.
  • No delaying rounds.
  • No friendly Hale

Dodgeball rules

  • Don't steal rockets from each other.
  • Don't delay the round by holding the rocket.

Orange rules

  • No Spawn camping