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Server Rules

Rules of Jailbreak

  • Deathrun Rules

  • Do not ghost.

    Don't give any information about traps to allow people to get past them with ease.

  • Don't delay the round.

    Some maps don't have Anti-AFK methods, so don't exploit this and actively participate in the game.

  • Don't fake a freerun.

    If you have said that everyone can have a freerun, then do not kill people during the round.

  • VSH Rules

  • No camping.

    Do not camp anyone, even if you are a hale, or a regular player.

  • No delaying the rounds.

    Do not delay the rounds, this stops people from enjoying the game, and ruins it for other people.

  • No being friendly.

    Being friendly removes the point of the game, and could ruin the fun for everyone else.

  • Deathmatch Rules

  • No spawn camping.

    Do not stop the enemies from being able to leave the spawn room.

Sep 12, 2016
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