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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Reports and Appeals Questions

  • How do I make a player report?

    It is very simple to make a player report, we have multiple guides on how to do it.
    How to make the perfect Player Report.
    How to record a demo.
    Read this before posting

  • How can I appeal my punishment?

    If you believe that your punishment is not justified, please make a ban appeal. The form is exactly same for all punishments, so even if you have been gagged, teambanned, or muted. Please use the form which can be found on the right side of the homepage. You must use the form provided unless your appeal will be declined and marked as invalid due to you not taking the time to bother to find out how to correctly appeal your punishment. Still can't find after a good look on the website? Quickly message an admin and they will direct you to the correct location on the forums!

  • Forums Questions

  • How do I make a suggestion?

    If you have a suggestion on how to improve the community, please go to the suggestions area of the forums and create a thread! Please check if your suggestion has already been suggested. If it has, it is unlikely people have changed there mind.
    If you want something added to the store Click here!
    If you have a new server idea Click here!
    Please check before posting if someone has already suggested the same thing before though!

  • I'm new to the forums, what do I do?

    First of all, welcome to the forums! The first thing you should do is go make an introduction here! Get to know some people, make a suggestion, ask some questions, or make a post in off-topic with a new game or something fun!

  • Donations Questions

  • I've donated but I haven't received donator yet?

    If you have donated through PayPal then you will receive donator within 24 hours of the payment being complete. If you have donated using items and you haven't received donater yet, please check if your trade has been accepted. If it hasn't Benedevil hasn't had the time to do this. However, if the trade has been accepted, and you still don't have donator, please message Benedevil on the forums! All PayPal donations are automatic, which is why they receive it before those who donated by keys. Please be patient! Messaging Benedevil before checking if the trade has been accepted will create another issue for him, slowing it down for your donator to be accepted. Do you want to donate but don't know how? Simply click "donate" on the homepage! It redirects you to donation information page!

  • How do I donate?

    The best way to donate is through Paypal, you click the really big red button on the homepage which says "Donate". This takes you to a separate page where it gives you the features of the donators, and the option to donate a specific value of $2 or more. You must include your SteamID when doing this, or you will not receive donator. You receive donator as soon as the payment goes through. You can also donate through steam trade offers. This can be done by sending a trade offer to this bot

  • Store and Credits Questions

  • What is the storebot?

    The storebot is a way to buy and sell credits which you can earn on the server. You can view your balance and the prices to buy and sell items to the storebot. The storebot only accepts scrap, reclaimed, refined and keys. If you add an item from the storebots inventory to the trade, it will remove the amount of credits from your account to purchase this item. If you want to buy credits you add an item from your inventory to the trade. Within 5 minutes, the credits will be added to your account. If you have an issue with the bot (maybe you didn't receive the items or credits) please make a bug report on the forums so that Benedevil can fix the problem. Do not contact him directly as it is quicker for you to make a bug report on the forums with the exact issue. Note: You cannot donate keys through the bot use this bot instead.

  • What are credits/contracts for?

    Contracts are used to gain credits on the server by completing tasks just like the normal TF2 contracts. Different tasks must be completed on different servers, so it might be easier to complete contracts by moving to a different server. Credits can be used to purchase different things in the server store. Simply type "/store" on any BlackWonder server to use your credits. You can purchase colours, titles, RTD and lots of other amazing items! Once you have purchased these items, you must equip them by accessing your inventory by typing "/inventory".

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    Feb 1, 2017
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