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Recent content by Stank

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    Hi I'm Stank

    Thanks for the welcome <3. Hope to be able to do more in the community
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    Hi I'm Stank

    Hey, I'm stank. I mostly joined to appeal my ban but decided to stay a while. Nothing interesting about me, im nice but can get rude. Im 16, gay, 6'0 "funny" and mostly mind my own Thats all there is to me really
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    Accepted Stank C**ch Ban appeal

    In-Game name : Stank C**ch Steam ID: 76561198247501462 What type of punishment : Perma-Ban Who Punished you: Lala7586 Why was I punished : Aimbot Why should you revoke punishment : I wast't hacking at all, if they were spectating me they would've realized that I was missing about 40% of my...
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