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Recent content by Puretxr

  1. Puretxr

    Whats your favourite unusual effect?

    Necro x 2 Mine has to be nebula, liked it ever since it came out, pairs really well with other effects.
  2. Puretxr

    Declined yet another discord appeal

    This is the third time you have posted this, posting more will only decrease your chances of being unbanned which are already astronomically low. If you are trying to irritate the admins, congratulations, they are ignoring your efforts. If anything you should write a full apology in proper...
  3. Puretxr

    How long have you been playing TF2?

    Early 2010, 14k+ Total hours
  4. Puretxr

    What was the most lucky thing that ever happened to you in-game?

    Double airpipe with demo on a tournament game ~
  5. Puretxr


    Cool idea on paper , but no so much in-game where its hard to apply without completely making it feel biased, especially to those with large amounts of credits
  6. Puretxr

    Declined another discord ban

    I agree with what you said but neither you or me have business in this thread nor should reply
  7. Puretxr

    S > Unusual Scout Weapon Set

    Spec KS Corsair BS Isotope Scattergun Pro KS Blitzkrieg FT Cool Pistol b/o 120k or 0.02 bitcoin
  8. Puretxr


    Thanks :)
  9. Puretxr

    Declined Less The Crits on Blu JB

    +1 to that, blu not having crits would be like taking the gun off a policeman, it just won't work as well, Overkill explained it well, nuff said I'm also quite sure there are basically 0 servers running no crits for blu
  10. Puretxr


    Hello, I'm sort of new here, I play a lot of competitive tf2 and am seeking a chill community for refuge~~
  11. Puretxr

    How much should I sell my unusual for?

    Really depends on how fast you want it to sell, if you want to sell it quick I'd say perhaps 40 keys pure but no less than 28, if you want to squeeze some cash out of it i'd say maybe try selling it on marketplace.tf for [1.80 x ( Price in Keys ) USD ]
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