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Recent content by Oak

  1. Oak

    Accepted Adveno's Moderator Application

  2. Oak

    Resolved Report against ★facem sex cu Tkd★ (► BlackWonder UK | Vs Saxton Hale | Sky-high Resort 24/7 ◄)

    Player has been punished already, thanks for reporting!
  3. Oak

    Pending seraphina's Moderator Application

    Hi Sera, I've had many interactions with you in game and I can vouch that you would be a good moderator to have on our servers. You know the rules well, and don't say anything bad or offensive in Discord or on the servers from my experiences with you. You have before been a moderator and got...
  4. Oak

    Blw jb staff tier list and apology

    That sir is what we call a skill issue :P
  5. Oak

    Blw jb staff tier list and apology

    I am in such a high tier I am above the image off the charts.
  6. Oak

    Declined Snort's Moderator Application

    It is too early of an app and you were using soundboards in VC, declined.
  7. Oak

    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Sometimes I dream about cheese
  8. Oak

    List of titles and title colors

    Same! I love spending my money on MVM tickets!!!
  9. Oak

    Discord memes channel

  10. Oak

    Imagine trying to get #1 in jailbreak

    Truth is I am #1 on every JB server because I am the best at JB, this should be quite obvious by now.
  11. Oak

    What are you listening to?

  12. Oak

    The Best Forum Theme? :O

    Sorry to burst all of your bubbles but Royal is the best, it fits the Blackwonder style smoothly. All the other ones are dark mode and dark mode sucks on browsers. Plus it is orange also so :)
  13. Oak

    Pending Centred, Larger & More Easily Accessible Quick Thread Buttons

    It would definitely help when you tell people to appeal on the forums because in my experiences a lot of people ask "where". As it would be extremely hard to not see the icons, I support the idea.
  14. Oak

    Which custom gamemode do you liked the most?

    No homo but I love dodging balls.
  15. Oak

    Do you like spaghetti?

    Had spaghetti and meatballs last night, and it was delicious. So yeah, I love spaghetti.
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