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Recent content by NoUx2

  1. NoUx2

    Accepted Die ♥'s Moderator Application

    Dodgeball rules: Body block>Warning>Slay>2hours ban>6hours>12hours>1days>3days>1weeks>2weeks>1month>perm Delay the round by holding rocket>Warning>Slay>2hours>4hours>6hours>12hours>1days>3days>1weeks>2weeks>1month>perm Stealing rocket from each...
  2. NoUx2

    Declined Slice's Moderator Application

    Sorry, my bad didn't realize that was 6 months ago.
  3. NoUx2

    Declined Slice's Moderator Application

    You have 8 pages of the word fuck.
  4. NoUx2

    Declined Jaketeal's Moderator Application

    Please go over your punishment ladder as it is lacking in its current state. Please look at accepted applicants and take inspiration from them but it is not ok to plagiarize their work. That steam ID does not work, your steam ID is STEAM_0:1:61099708 how to find it...
  5. NoUx2

    Declined NagolYT's Moderator Application

    Please use the edit feature to edit your steam id.
  6. NoUx2

    Declined Docdefender's Moderator Application

    Player only has 7 hours of total playtime
  7. NoUx2

    Declined daerithe's Moderator Application

    Your chatlogs appear fine, but you are not in the discord server.
  8. NoUx2

    Declined NagolYT's Moderator Application

    Player only has 15 hours of playtime
  9. NoUx2

    Declined daerithe's Moderator Application

    You're still missing some rules on your punishment ladder. Please review the server's general rules and put them into your punishment ladder, do the same for the trade rules. https://blackwonder.tf/wiki/tf2-rules/
  10. NoUx2

    Accepted NoUx2's Moderator Application

    Thank you all!!! <3
  11. NoUx2

    Declined daerithe's Moderator Application

    Please edit your punishment ladder as it is lacking right now. Please review this guide and make any necessary changes, you can also take ideas from accepted applicants without plagiarizing their work https://blackwonder.tf/threads/staff-application-how-to.13572/
  12. NoUx2

    Accepted NoUx2's Moderator Application

    Thank you, I promise I will do a good job!!
  13. NoUx2

    Favourite VSH map?

    Anyone got any favourite VSH maps? Just curious and a random question
  14. NoUx2

    Accepted NoUx2's Moderator Application

    Ok, so I have edited my app on the discord id. I have also removed the slap (50 damage) to a warning instead.
  15. NoUx2

    What do you really hate about tf2?

    People who brag about their unusuals
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