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Recent content by normie

  1. normie

    US vsh player suggs balls

    u suck bitch
  2. normie

    When la jailbreak alive

    fuck no
  3. normie

    Closed My callout post on seraphim#6628

    wheres my unban from the discord
  4. normie

    Bumrush or Bombrush

    god fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you
  5. normie

    get good, get johnwaynebox

    ur hack sucks
  6. normie

    Freekill is Funny

    ratio + didn't ask + ur adopted
  7. normie

    how to sharp turn Flick? TFDB

  8. normie

    My callout post on Percival

  9. normie

    Funny emme

    eff you
  10. normie

    My callout post on Oak and why he should be demoted

    lil darkie fan
  11. normie

    Who is joe??

    I can't go on vacation without a sperg in here
  12. normie

    Closed H0w t0 mak3 th3 m0st 3p1c p0st 0n f0rums

    You make me sick
  13. normie

    Closed what clipons did to me (breaking my silence

    can you stop molesting children?
  14. normie

    Closed How to make the worst post on the forum's.

    It starts with this
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