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Recent content by Nebu

  1. Nebu

    Accepted navyguy1904's Ban appeal

    After watching over and over the demo my opinion is still that you are not immaculate, but the given amount of evidence I have is not enough to clearly clarify, if you are cheating or not, so I'm gonna unban you for now ,and I don't wanna hear from you again.
  2. Nebu

    Declined 's Myst1cS04p appeal

    I think the given proof is correct and the player did not return to defend themselves, so I'm closing this appeal.
  3. Nebu

    Declined 's Myst1cS04p appeal

    I mean you lagging or not, the character usually shoots where you look and not otherwise, even anti-cheat can back me up that you were cheating, tho I cannot attach that to here, but here is the demo your part starts at tick 12600...
  4. Nebu

    Accepted navyguy1904's Ban appeal

    Seems like I'm not the first one whos stumbles into you... But if you claim that you used tp and you can provide a demo or video from your perspective would be useful, otherwise I'm not gonna unban you, so you'll have to wait until someone looks trough this demo and determines that you're...
  5. Nebu

    Accepted kaedon142's Team Ban appeal

    The question is the same as 3 years ago: "Hello kaedon142, I have seen you break a few rules and also didn't punish you too severely because you are new to this gamemode. But mass free kill can not be overlooked and shouldn't be taken lightly. Most of the problems you have are mainly because...
  6. Nebu

    Accepted Technologic's Spray Ban appeal

    Since it's your first sprayban you can get a 2nd chance, so reach out to a staff member on discord, to verify in-game that you changed your spray.
  7. Nebu

    Declined Bnunnnyy's Ban appeal

    The provided steamID is realted to a duplacite account ban, because it shared ip with a previously banned (by an admin) account, all of this happend pn January 27th, 2020. https://bans.blackwonder.tf/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A85276394&Submit=Search...
  8. Nebu

    Accepted Grimm's Spray Ban appeal

    Player showed that their spray is changed, in-game.
  9. Nebu

    Resolved Report against creamberry and siquiocoalanre008 (BlackWonder SG | Dustbowl | Class Wars)

    Creamberry already got a ban for "wrongfully" muting you, and with that abusing their donor given privileges. The evidence you provided is not enough to punish "siquiocoalanre008" in any way, and the reason "underaged" is not a reason to mute someone, even if they actually underage they still...
  10. Nebu

    Accepted seraphina's Moderator Application

    Congrats again I guess?!
  11. Nebu

    Accepted 's Fungineer appeal

    Since it's your first sprayban, reach out to a staff member on our discord so you can prove/show in-game that you've changed your spray.
  12. Nebu

    Resolved Report against billy and moops (achievement Engineer)

    Punished, thanks for the report.
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