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Recent content by markk

  1. markk

    Accepted Sonan's Spray Ban appeal

  2. markk

    Accepted Sonan's Spray Ban appeal

    ping and show any available @Admin in discord to get unspraybanned or ping leg#4800, i'll respond if i can
  3. markk

    Resolved Report against my butts/willgogs tv (achievement_engineer_blw UK)

    gagged do provide screenshots here next time, thanks
  4. markk

    Declined Report against yngalln (Dodgeball BR)

    don't know what he's saying but post your evidence here instead of making us search for it next time, thanks
  5. markk

    Declined thebalckcrow's Team Ban appeal

    Player has not responded, and teamban had already expired. Don't go on blu team if you are unwilling to go warden, or do not have a microphone.
  6. markk

    Resolved Report against DyMM (Jailbreak Brazil)

    Thanks, gagged.
  7. markk

    Declined thebalckcrow's Team Ban appeal

    You weren't teambanned for any of those reasons. Just curious though, what do you mean by 'drums'?
  8. markk

    Resolved Report against Potion Seller and Eddy Two Thumbs (Versus saxton hale)

    A video would've been much preferred, but the images do show suspect intentionally being friendly for 10 seconds. Banned Potion.
  9. markk

    Resolved Report against TinBot #1 (Sg Jailbreak)

  10. markk

    Invalid Report against iceguy (jailbreak brazil)

    close if no evidence is provided in 48 hours
  11. markk

    Resolved Report against DyMM (Jailbreak Brazil)

    Do you have an uncropped image of this? Though, a video is much preferred.
  12. markk

    Declined Report against 444222 (ctf_2fort)

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I've watched the entire video and did not find anything suspicious. I was restricted with the tools I have though (being able to only slow down by .25). If you have a demo of this, I'll be more than happy to look into it.
  13. markk

    Answered Impersinator

    No. If the player is being toxic, you can report here with valid evidence. Be sure not to accidentally put your own steamID if you do though. ;)
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