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Recent content by Kimmel

  1. Kimmel

    Declined vibing's Ban appeal

    yeah? i cant believe that he would do that, What a jerk, make him buy it then, but you lied just now right? Why is this thread still open still?
  2. Kimmel

    The Minecraft server is running out of stuff to do.

    start building a huge tower dedicated to :hampter::hampter::hampter::hampter::hampter::hampter::hampter::hampter::hampter::hampter:
  3. Kimmel

    Declined vibing's Ban appeal

    Buy it first.
  4. Kimmel

    Your favorite Jailbreak rebel class

    Scout: Melee: Boston Basher (or reskin equivalent) Primary: Backscatter Secondary: Pretty boys Bonk em with the Boston Basher in right off the line and escape. With ammo; go in from behind, fire into back of warden, finish off with PBPP, or basher em after a Mini-crit meat shot.
  5. Kimmel

    Pallox being Pallox

    Pallox must've been like:
  6. Kimmel

    Blw jb staff tier list and apology

    WELCOME BACK MAE! I look forward to enjoying our jailbreak time together! Perhaps we will,, DO EPIC THINGS! Why are u Crying?
  7. Kimmel

    Closed A request for server users and a message to moderators and administrators.

    He still cheated, no sympathy. Good job to the mods in the VC telling him to shoo
  8. Kimmel

    Resolved stuck as an mvm bot

    not sure if this will help, but the command "/robot" (a donor command) changes you into a robot. Not sure why it would make you stuck however. Hope you find a solution, gotta imagine its frustrating, good luck.
  9. Kimmel

    Closed My callout post on seraphim#6628

    I hate women, and i hate children. Its a simple choice.
  10. Kimmel

    get good, get johnwaynebox

    I think you meant to say this should go into the Smithsonian, because its a national treasure.
  11. Kimmel

    get good, get johnwaynebox

  12. Kimmel

    Bumrush or Bombrush

    cabering out of main cell
  13. Kimmel

    Bumrush or Bombrush

    closet JB mod, he only uses his powers when no one is on the server
  14. Kimmel

    Declined jobman2304's Ban appeal

    00:42 trackssniper 00:57 tracks engi 1:30 snaps to 2 seperate players 1:39 snaps to blue 2:45 weird mouse movements 3:33 snap and track through rocks 4:42 tracks solly 4:59 snaps to engi 5:25 snaps to afk in enemy spawn
  15. Kimmel

    Resolved Conscious objector gone

    did you try equipping it again? You cant rename it without decal.
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