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Recent content by jamie

  1. jamie

    How to activate the secrets on jb_soviet_en_v2

    Hit the button in the armoury, head outside and past obstacle course and fall game, there's now an open room with lava on the floor and something that resembles a lift that goes sideways. There is a light switch on the wall to the right when you walk in. Once you've hit that the sideways lift...
  2. jamie

    Coldest and Hottest temperatures you've been in?

    In Australia, last year in Sydney it reached 48,9 C (120 F) which is the hottest I can remember. However, I have been in -6 C weather in the mountains (21.2 F)
  3. jamie

    History of Your Jailbreak experience

    The rich Singapore community on SGJB two years ago, welcomed me instantly and kept me hooked with interesting rounds and constant fun. I currently love jailbreak today, everyone misses friends who leave but the ones who have stayed I have kept a strong bond with and I just adore the chaotic and...
  4. jamie

    hey fellas

  5. jamie

    Resolved Report against Carrigan and Ocron (Aus Jailbreak)

    Carrigan freekill? tik 2750, was going to go to yellow line and jump over the fence and he was in the way and i hit and got killed Sadly there was other freekills but past 20k ticks it crashed for me (different person)
  6. jamie

    Invalid Report against jerrycan (AUS Jailbreak)

    I don't believe my dem is for him, but instead for justy (kid bee) but the demo has the most of the map before it idk It crashed like 3k ticks before the mfk; so sadly i don't believe i'd be able to provide anything here. (why i didn't report him)
  7. jamie

    Read Me Jailbreak Rules Clarifications

    Okay thank you so much! I'll relay it to the players on ausjb tomorrow as they have been wondering if such a thing is allowed. Thank you <3.
  8. jamie

    Resolved Report against Gee_Gee (Ausjb)

    Username: jamie Who are you reporting? Gee_Gee What server game mode is the report concerned with? Ausjb What is the accused persons's SteamID? [U:1:1120973325] What is the reason of the report? Giving freedays for no reason - Tick 45000 Giving lr for no reason at the start of round...
  9. jamie

    Read Me Jailbreak Rules Clarifications

    Is the minigame hungergames and or meat grinder allowed in secluded locations such as traitor inside of spyvsspy
  10. jamie

    Resolved Report against Intalik (JB AUS)

    added demo of the round cowboy missed i believe, also i got a question... i went warden after he mfked and gave lr, like 10 seconds left... what do i do in that situation? do i remove lr and let the round end or leave it because i obviously couldn't extend the round to continue it
  11. jamie

    Resolved Report against BlackHammar420 (Ausjb)

    Username: jamie Who are you reporting? BlackHammar420 What server game mode is the report concerned with? Ausjb What is the accused persons's SteamID? [U:1:1089567543] What is the reason of the report? Illegal ff 12000-16000 Files you have as proof File(s) attached Any other...
  12. jamie

    Declined jamie's Moderator Application

    Thank you y3p for the reply, i'm definitely going to continue said behaviour.
  13. jamie

    Read Me Jailbreak Rules Clarifications

    https://blackwonder.tf/threads/report-against-king-randy-aus-black-wonder-jailbreak.27268/ Is teamkilling such as what dusk did, excused in this situation? Stopping warden from doing further illegal minigames.
  14. jamie

    Read Me Jailbreak Rules Clarifications

    i've heard from new players which i've told to look at /rules tell me it shows an ad and disregard even attempting to look at it further i don't know this for sure but it's something that has been brought up in that situation
  15. jamie

    Resolved Report against Linus Sex Tips, Thiccc Crocodile, and John (JB AUS)

    Thank you for the input 10k I’ll tell the others on ausjb about this modifier complication as it’s very common for wardens to do what john did in this demo, have a great day
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