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Recent content by Hyped

  1. Hyped

    Resolved Report against Dragabai (jailbreak)

    tick 86000 (adjust the zero count if im wrooong) theres also people constantly firing me as the only blue, member of staff said that apparently counts as fire abuse but thats up to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  2. Hyped

    Resolved Report against Dragabai (jailbreak)

    Username: Hyped Who are you reporting? Dragabai What server game mode is the report concerned with? jailbreak What is the accused persons's SteamID? STEAM_0:0:234291187 What is the reason of the report? delaying +illegal minigame
  3. Hyped

    Declined Hyped's Ban appeal

    Still nothing
  4. Hyped

    Declined Hyped's Ban appeal

    Username: Hyped What is your type of punishment? Ban Where were you banned from? Discord What is your DiscordID? Yellowish#2532 Who has punished you? Dont know Why were you punished? I dont know Why should we revoke your punishment? I dont know why i was even banned in the...
  5. Hyped

    Add ba_sincinatti_v3 suggestion

    we can replace that snowballs map
  6. Hyped

    Old HopJB map

    Lets just add both easy peasy.
  7. Hyped

    𝗺𝘆 𝗧𝗙𝟮 𝗦𝗙𝗠 𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘀

  8. Hyped

    Are Blues cool

    The only cool blue is me
  9. Hyped

    Closed Crits on Jailbreak. (Yup, THAT topic again)

    I can’t be bothered to reply anymore. So byeeeeee.
  10. Hyped

    Closed Crits on Jailbreak. (Yup, THAT topic again)

    I played jb for a couple hours today and we still got rammed even with crits, so thats dumb Its not because no crits. depending on the class they play and skill level, no. Being a good dog woof woof woof
  11. Hyped

    Closed Crits on Jailbreak. (Yup, THAT topic again)

    It’s a downward spiral with the core being that it’s not really having to do with crits. Crits wouldn’t have changed that That’s the warden being a complete idiot because it is quite literally impossible for that to happen unless the warden is incredibly incompetent. That’s not a crit issue...
  12. Hyped

    Closed Crits on Jailbreak. (Yup, THAT topic again)

    The reason why people dont wanna go on blue was because of the massive disparity in team sizes, they would have been mowed down regardless even if they had crits.
  13. Hyped

    Accepted Cowboy's Moderator Application

  14. Hyped

    Closed Crits on Jailbreak. (Yup, THAT topic again)

    who let you out of the nursing home take your pills and go home crits will be perma removed
  15. Hyped

    Closed Crits on Jailbreak. (Yup, THAT topic again)

    Bro you’re exactly right Those who need crits, need to just get good😎.
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