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Recent content by Festive Steve H Oswald

  1. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Coldest and Hottest temperatures you've been in?

    I hope that's Celsius.
  2. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Coldest and Hottest temperatures you've been in?

    My state can get pretty cold. I've seen negative degrees in Fahrenheit in my life. -10 degrees celcius in the winter here is actually pretty common. It can also get pretty warm here. Seeing 90+ degrees in the summer isnt exactly uncommon, though it doesnt happen even half as regularly as...
  3. Festive Steve H Oswald

    News Come play Scream Fortress XII

    Crap, it's October.
  4. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Change back/buff the vsh lr in jb

    Would you wait ten minutes because you picked spy during classwars?
  5. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Pending What would you want for trade_plaza?

    I want to make one thing absolutely clear. You cannot possibly add too many secrets. I don't care if its a 150 GB download.
  6. Festive Steve H Oswald


    messages dont make that noise
  7. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Closed Sword Knights

    Go outside
  8. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Closed MR.JIGSAW

    Do kids just not play outside anymore, is that what's going on here
  9. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Breakfast Food!

    I dont wake up until lunch. Working nights sucks, guys, don't ever do it. You'll never be able to sleep the same again.
  10. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Closed How to introduction

    Do yourself favor and take my advice: do not buy a new computer as an attempt to change your IP. You're going to be wildly disappointed when you find out it has the same IP as your old computer.
  11. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Closed How to introduction

    I'm not going to wait for Normie. Dont bother wasting money on a new computer, it won't help you.
  12. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Closed I am back :^)

  13. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Closed JIGSAW say goodbye

    You should make a server where VAC is disabled and cheaters can all cheat against each other to see who is the king of cheating. I think it would be a hit.
  14. Festive Steve H Oswald

    Answered Should afking (not in spec) be allowed on saxton hale?

    Back when I had admin commands I would kick AFK players after a couple of rounds. If they were genuinely just away and still wanted to play they could rejoin without issue. If they just wanted to idle for points they can do it on a different server where they arent actively screwing over their...
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