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Recent content by Feg

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    Resolved Ads Ruining Gamemodes

    I understand the need to run ads but at present the system is straight up ruining games. I watched some reds in jb play sweeper, which requires you to jump constantly with appropriate timing. One of the players got an ad pop-up and promptly died due to being unable to jump. One way or another...
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    Freekillers On AUS jailbreak

    This issue’s been much better lately, have definitely had Quishy respond to a lot of stuff. Haven’t seen oceanman in quite some time
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    Completed Delete or make changes to JB_Lunapark

    Think it would be best to just fix the map since I see no reason to delete it. Sincinatti on the other hand...
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    Closed Reasons I should become staff

    Uh oh, I think this boy needs a salad.
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    Freekillers On AUS jailbreak

    Just need 1 or 2 more dedicated AUS jb mods. I would say the bigger problem lately for the server is a handful of very dedicated trolls/troublemakers who just keep coming back.They’re evidently able to avoid SourceSleuth and IP bans - their methods vary. The problem is that reporting these...
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    Resolved Report against Superchicken962 (JAILBREAk)

    As noted, this is an impostor, not the actual AUSJb regular Superchicken962. Some guy was joining and MFKing and saying racist crap in the chat for hours, with both the name and profile picture of Superchicken962. I find it interesting that the person writing this report has provided a link to...
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    Resolved Sourcesleuth broken?

    He keeps making new accounts and getting around the IP ban by restarting his router (according to him, directly). I can corroborate that he’s basically on the server (Aus jb) every day, lately. He just gets around it every time he’s banned and comes right back to freekill, micspam, and just...
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    I’m sorry I blew up at you that one time - hope all goes well for you
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    I promise to be a better blu.

    This is a strange report.
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    I am so fucking hyped!

    No you're not, Hyped is forum banned. Jokes aside, this sounds like pretty good shit. I'm in need of a PC upgrade myself sometime soon.
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    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Things were not, in fact, fine On few occasions have things been less fine than g u a r a n t e e d u n u s u a l g l i t c h
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    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Wait there's a Ricardo cosmetic Nevermind, everything is fine
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    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    This isn't the heavy update -_-
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    Resolved Report against BridgyeetaBLW.TF (jailbreak)

    You're talking to the man who claims to 'dislike rulebreakers' as his justification and has been teambanned... 13 times, is it? Don't waste your breath. I'm genuinely not entirely sure he isn't just an elaborate troll.
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    i saw herobrine

    Guys I'm Herobrine
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