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Hi, my name is Dirakia, or if you prefer more you can also call me Simon
First thing to know bout me is that im a very tolerant person as long as im cool with you, so no shaming while talking to me, ill always have an open ear.
And as my Steam Name says, im a huge fan of Pokemon and Foxes but i also am a huge fan of the Zelda Franchise as well as from MLP. TF2 is the very only First Person Shooter im playing, so if you wanna ask me if i play stuff like CSGO, Payday or whatever, the answer is no and will stay like that, sry. While chatting with me you should know that im german/switzerland and with that my mother langauge isnt english so have some mercy if i have grammar mistakes ^^;
Next to gaming im a hobby-artist but not a professional one. My pictures can be found in the link i set as my Homepage.
Jul 8, 1998 (Age: 20)


Tolerance is way too underrated



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