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DasMalzbier| Lazy Panda

I'm a 18 year old Student who lives in Annweiler am Trifels.
I'm studying Music, Math and English. Even though I have plans take a break from school and get an education at SAP.
While I am mostly polity to stranger, I am bit (much) perverted and mean to friends.
I'm very casual. I've done:
  • football
  • tennis
  • table tennis
  • badminton
  • taekwondo
  • gymnastics
  • athletics
  • gym (working out)
  • mountain biking
I'm also playing piano and drums.
I also took part in an international volunteer year at Richmond Vale Academy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as an Climate Change Activist.
Currently searching for an apprenticeship.
Feb 3, 1999 (Age: 19)
Annweiler am Trifels




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