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Recent content by Bigunit

  1. Bigunit

    Report against Mihailjst (achievement_engineer)

    Do you have any proof?
  2. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Tina (Us Vsh Skyhigh)

    Player was banned, thanks. 5 ping can be just a ping mask, not ping abuse.
  3. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Klein KaiZer (achievement_engineer)

    Player was gagged. Thanks.
  4. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against DEVIL HWOARANG, Population Pudding (Jailbreak Australia)

    Tbanned, muted and gagged. Thanks.
  5. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against blood.and.soil (Hightower (no carts))

    Player was muted. Thanks.
  6. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against dhooni (achievement engineer)

    Player was gagged. Thanks.
  7. Bigunit

    Invalid Report against illGrigs(https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198143391956/) (Black Wonder | US | Orange | 100% Crits (

    Besides that 1:55 moment with invisible spy, i can´t find something else suspicious. Since he did it only once, we decided he could´ve gotten a real lucky trying to predict a dead ringer spy. I don´t see aimbot here. As i said, use demo if it´s not 100% obvious aimbot/spinbot.
  8. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Tytanius (achievement engineer)

    Player was gagged. Thanks.
  9. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against iown (achievement_engineer)

    Player was gagged. Thanks.
  10. Bigunit

    Invalid Report against La Plaga(https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jiheishou/) (Black Wonder | US | Orange | 100% Crits (

    Didn´t notice any cheats. His aim at 3:54 is normal. For next reports spectate a suspect in a 1st person, use sm_speclist_hideme command if you don't wanna let the player see you spectating him with sm_spec <player>. Use demo for silent aimbots. It's hard to tell if player is using hard-hidden...
  11. Bigunit

    So just a question

    If you wanna add or explain something, do it in your appeal, not with someone private. It looks like you don´t seem to understand your mistake and insult and mocking at admin instead.
  12. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against dhooni (achievement Engineer)

    Player was muted for racism on 68600 tick. Thanks. Don´t take it seriously.
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