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Recent content by Bigunit

  1. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against ur mom's penis (x100)

    Banned. Thanks!
  2. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Mystic the Science man (SG Dustbowl ClassWars)

    1-1000 ticks are the most suspicious. At the start of the demo he prefires and later he knows where the engineer is gonna show up and he starts to spin up his minigun and look though wall to see where is engineer. 4200 tick he know exactly what way the engineer is going out. The other half of...
  3. Bigunit

    Declined WetheNorth's Ban appeal

    You were staying too close to players, trying to insta reflect rockets into them. It makes very hard to reflect rockets back. I hope you won´t do that again in future.
  4. Bigunit

    Fix dispenser glitch on Super Zombie Fortress

    The problem is: Dispensers are designed to act as walls/shield, but when engineer builds his dispenser and then replace it, it's starting to work as the normal dispenser, giving ammo and health on contact, making this class super unbalanced and impossible to kill survivors due they can non-stop...
  5. Bigunit

    Invalid Report against TheThorb (class wars dustbowl)

    Sadly, Chat logs between 24 and 26 of february weren´t working. We can´t punish him if we are not 100% sure it was exactly him saying things like that. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against ホワイト and The_good_DOK (Hightower x100)

    Everyone has been punished.
  7. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against tyrese FRANKLIN jr (x100, 100% crits)

    Player has been punished. Thx.
  8. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against "Abnormal" (Capture the Flag)

    Everyone has been punished. Thanks for report!
  9. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against pão de queijo \\ Pedrin (BR Versus Saxton Hale)

    Pedrin - has been punished Sourcebans pão de queijopão de queijo - has been already muted. Sourcebans Thx for report!
  10. Bigunit

    Declined Nerf Powerplay on Class Wars server

    I remember playing pyros on offence vs engineers on defence, and pyros rolled powerplay 4 times and still lost. Here is one of my lifehaks buddy:
  11. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against festive pissbro (Blackwonder LA | 2Fort)

    The player has been already caught by the anti-cheat. Communications Block List | BlackWonder.TF | Sourcebans However, your report would not be accepted without recorded Demo/Video that shows the player is cheating, and *STEAM_0:0:0* isn't valid steamid. You can find player´s steamid by typing...
  12. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against Marc_Matt (Minecraft World BR)

    Player has been punished. Thx. Communications Block List | BlackWonder.TF | Sourcebans
  13. Bigunit

    Declined CABERMAN's Gag appeal

    Advertising/Persuading someone to use cheats is something we do not allow, even if it´s just a "funny" humor. And looking through the chat log, you kept being Obnoxious and spamming Lenny bind in the chat. You are allowed to re-appeal your punishment after some time (at least 2-3 months) and...
  14. Bigunit

    Resolved Report against aleatorica (Deathrun)

    Player has been punished. Thanks. Communications Block List | BlackWonder.TF | Sourcebans
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