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Recent content by Berke

  1. Berke

    Completed Remove +Use from servers

    At least keep it in deathrun, great for blue team to instantly activate traps and such.
  2. Berke

    Declined Add dr_minigames B2 suggestion

  3. Berke

    Declined Remove ba_jailfort_b1 suggestion

    Hello, I made this config, this config, which should fix most of the problems, it requires Stripper plugin to work. http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/snapshots/1.2/ Config changes: - Decreased edict count via disabling bone followers. - Increased the distance of rotating entities. - Fixed being...
  4. Berke

    Completed Update jb_underjail_b2 suggestion

    Only blue team can spam it, so blame them for it.
  5. Berke

    Completed Update jb_underjail_b2 suggestion

    I made this config, it should fix most of the problems, this plugin is needed in order for this special config to work. Just like the dr_playstation config. http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/snapshots/1.2/ What this config does is, fix soccer counters, remove cameras, make Monoculus enable button...
  6. Berke

    Completed Update jb_underjail_b2 suggestion

    I am working on a new version hopefully will resolve this problems, I will remove the camera, though I am not sure about Monoculus if I should just make the sound silent (notification will still show up) or make it Blu team only.
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