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10000 Cold Knights

Just another Bad Warden, nothing to see here ;p
Jun 17, 1999 (Age: 20)


Megaloheavy approves.

I once tried to hunt Aegeus down while he was rebelling, ended up backing into each other cheap horror movie style -_- Traitor.
<Map was HoPJB, reds were playing strafe race
<Herald doesn't quite make it inside, gets stuck outside the map
<We laugh for a moment, then I ask if he was KoS for exploiting
<Says no (obviously)
<F2P demo beheads him anyway
<Respawns self, somehow manages to win strafe race anyhow
<Herlad too op
<Map is mlcastle, reds are playing Bubble Beam
<Pkay noclips into ceiling of game
<Is accused of hacking, killed by blu medic
<Respawns himself
<noclips into game, gets pinned to wall by same medic
<orders him to stop using csay
<respawns a 3rd time, successfully noclips into game
<turns noclip off, immediately pushed off by collisions and dies
<couldnt breathe for about 30 seconds, too funny
Trying to catch up to the man as CBS in Saxton Hale LR, dude is absolutely breaking my ankles with his bhops. Just as I was about to give up, he accidentally backed into a minigame and got stuck in the exit area. One of the few lives I've regretted taking :/
I once Pootis Pow'd Gibus off the theater roof on Casuarina from ground level when he was Warden. 300 ping ftw!